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Aero EnginesSetup of a Test Facility for Aeroelastic Investigations in Turbomachines

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Setup of a Test Facility for Aeroelastic Investigations in Turbomachines

An oscillating compressor cascade for aeroelastic instigations was setup at the Chair for Aero Engines. The facility allows controlled flutter and forced response testing. It is an open circuit wind tunnel, exhausting to ambient condition. The air supply of 75 kW power delivers 15 kg/s cold air maximum. The test section is made up of a linear cascade of eleven carbon compressor blades of the NACA-65-serie. Nine blades are elastically mounted and two blades are fixed at the inner and outer wall.

The elastic mounting allows free oscillation in the orthogonal bending and torsion rigid-body modes. The blades can be made to oscillate in a bending and torsion rigid-body mode by an electric drive. The complete test section can be optically accessed, opening up the possibility of using optical measurement techniques e.g., PIV measurement techniques.

The instrumentation of the facility includes steady-state and unsteady measurement devices. The devices are used to determine the mean flow condition and the unsteady pressure fluctuations on the blades surfaces. The mountings are instrumented with strain gauges in order to measure the blade motion. The test module provides high flexibility regarding setup modifications.

Person of contact: M.Sc. Leonie Malzacher

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A Low-Speed Compressor Test Rig for Flutter Investigations
L. Malzacher, S. Geist, D. Peitsch, H. Hennings
Journal of Turbomachinery, Volume 141, Issue 5, 051009 (12 pages)
May 2019
DOI: 10.1115/1.4041817

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