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Development of a Method for the Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in Engine Performance Tools
Citation key obermueller_diss_2019_en
Author Martin Obermüller
Year 2019
Location Berlin
Month May
How Published Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
School Technische Universität Berlin
Abstract The purpose of aircraft engines is to provide the required thrust corresponding to the given power setting under all environmental conditions. Most of the time air-breathing engines process pure gaseous working fluids during regular operation in service. However, under certain conditions air-breathing engines may ingest a relevant quantity of liquid water from the surrounding atmosphere via the engine inlet. The presence of a liquid water phase in the working fluid stream leads to secondary effects. These secondary effects are not covered with adequate accuracy by the numerical calculation methods in most commonly used engine performance tools. The scientific objective of this research is the development, validation and evaluation of a method for the simulation of the interaction of an air-breathing engine with an ingested liquid water phase with respect to engine performance tool development. The aim is to further develop engine performance tools as to reach a generic-type model simulation capability with adequate accuracy in order to support engine test cell runs employing a water injection device. The following work steps are performed to achieve the scientific objective:    1) Method development and model implementation 2) Generation and calibration of a reference engine performance model 3) Validation of the method - reference simulation and sensitivity analyses 4) Order of magnitude evaluation of the impact of tip clearance changes on engine parameters 5) Final assessment of the method, conclusion and suggestions
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