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A Model for Prediction of Pollutant Emissions of Aero-Engine Combustors
Citation key wulff_diss_2001_en
Author Andreas Wulff
Year 2001
DOI 10.14279/depositonce-387
Location Berlin
Month September
Editor DepositOnce - Institutional Repository for Research Data and Publications of TU Berlin
How Published In Copyright: http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/InC/1.0/
School Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin
Abstract This thesis presents an analytical model to predict pollutant emissions of aero-engine combustion chambers as a function of combustion chamber design and operating conditions. A one-dimensional, semi-empirical approach was developed to calculate emissions of Carbon Monoxide CO, unburned Hydrocarbons UHC and Oxides of Nitrogen NOx = NO + NO2. Important parameters are characteristic temperature levels and gas residence times in the individual burning zones of a combustion chamber. They are determined on the basis of a known or assumed internal combustor geometry. The model has been validated against a lot of measured test data, taken from the open literature. A high degree of versatility could be demonstrated. The model was implemented in an automatic optimization procedure to enable realization of combustor design studies. The studies have been carried out for conventional and staged combustor concepts. The operational behaviour and the emissions of a staged combustor design were intensively investigated and assessed. Basic design guidelines for staged combustors, rarely published in the literature, could be confirmed by the conclusions drawn from this work.
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