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A Qualitative Comparison of Unsteady Operated Compressor Stator Cascades with Active Flow Control
Citation key 2019_staats_springerafcc
Author Staats, M. and Mihalyovics, J. and Peitsch, D.
Title of Book Active Flow and Combustion Control 2018
Pages 91–104
Year 2019
ISBN 978-3-319-98177-2
ISSN 1612-2909
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-98177-2_6
Location Switzerland
Address Cham
Volume 141
Note Paper Contributed to the Conference “Active Flow and Combustion Control 2018”, September 19–21, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Technische Universität Berlin:
M. Staats, J. Mihalyovics, D. Peitsch
Editor King, Rudibert
Publisher Springer International Publishing
Series Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design
Abstract Currently, the influence and scaling of active flow control by means of pulsed jet actuators applied to a two-dimensional compressor cascade flow are well understood. However, the presence of a transverse pressure gradient in a 3D annular cascade configuration causes additional effects which need a more profound consideration. The objective of this study is to compare results from the linear cascade setup to the annular one and transfer the AFC technology respectively.
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