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Application of Multifunctional Mechanical Metamaterials
Zitatschlüssel 2019_Shanian_jadem
Autor Shanian, A. and Jette, F.-X. and Salehii, M. and Pham, M. Q. and Schaenzer, M. and Bourgeois, G. and Bertoldi, K. and Gross, A. and Javid, F. and Backman, D. and Yandt, S. and Gerendas, M. and Meis, T. and Knobloch, K. and Bake, F. and Peitsch, D.
Seiten 1900084
Jahr 2019
DOI 10.1002/adem.201900084
Journal Advanced Engineering Materials
Jahrgang 21
Nummer 7
Monat 04
Notiz Siemens Canada:
A. Shanian, F.-X. Jette, M. Salehii, M. Q. Pham,
M. Schaenzer, G. Bourgeois
Harvard University:
K. Bertoldi, A. Gross, F. Javid
National Research Council of Canada:
D. Backman, S. Yandt
Rolls-Royce Deutschland:
M. Gerendas
Siemens AG:
T. Meis
German Aerospace Center (DLR):
K. Knobloch, F. Bake
Technische Universität Berlin:
D. Peitsch
Zusammenfassung Mechanical metamaterials have attracted great interest due their ability to attain material properties outside the bounds of those found in natural materials. Many promising mechanical metamaterials have been designed, fabricated, and tested, however, these metamaterials have not been subjected to the rigorous requirements needed to certify their use in demanding industrial applications that require multifunctional behavior. This paper details an auxetic multifunctional metamaterial that has been optimized to outperform conventional designs for cooling systems commonly used in the space, the transportation, the energy and the nuclear industry. Experimental tests performed to certify this material for use in gas turbines have shown that in comparison to conventional designs, the metamaterial increases structural life by orders of magnitude while also providing more efficient cooling and maintaining similar acoustic damping characteristics. This metamaterial offers an agile and economical solution for the realization of next generation components.
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