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Development of a Correlation to Represent Non-Uniform Blade Tip Gaps within a Compressor Performance Model
Zitatschlüssel 2019_sauer_0212-gpps
Autor Sauer, T. and Peitsch, D.
Seiten GPPS-BJ-2019-0212
Jahr 2019
DOI 10.33737/gpps19-bj-212
Ort Beijing, China
Journal GPPS - Proceedings of Global Power and Propulsion Society Conference
Monat 09
Notiz Technische Universität Berlin:
T. Sauer, D. Peitsch
Herausgeber GPPS
Wie herausgegeben Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License CC-BY 4.0
Zusammenfassung In order to cover non-uniform blade tip gaps within a compressor mean line performance program a method is developed that derives a generic correlation that converts a discretized gap of any shape into an equivalent constant clearance applicable for common loss models. This method is demonstrated with the example of the NASA Rotor 37. For this purpose, the efficiency losses of uniform gap geometries are compared with those of non-uniform gaps of the same rotor. The efficiency information is provided by flow simulation studies. Geometric weighting factors have been determined for a correlation function, so that it is now possible to infer uniform from non-uniform gaps. This enables a mean line representation of blades with non-uniform tips. In the example of the NASA Rotor 37, the standard deviation of the correlation error of the considered member is below the measurement uncertainty for experimental determination of the gap size. Validation cases confirm this result.
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