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Propelling the Future - The Meaning of ACARE VISION 2050 for the Future Development of Propulsion Systems for Aircraft
Zitatschlüssel 2011_peitsch_ptnss
Autor Peitsch, Dieter
Seiten PTNSS-2011-SS4-401
Jahr 2011
ISSN 0138-0346
Ort Radom, Poland
Journal PTNSS - 4th International Congress on Combustion Engines
Jahrgang 4
Nummer 147
Monat 06
Notiz Invited Lecture,
Technische Universität Berlin:
D. Peitsch
Herausgeber Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines
Zusammenfassung In the year 2000, a group of personalities of aerospace industry, government and research institutes formed the ACARE (“Advisory Committee on Aerospace Research in Europe") and established the well-known VISION 2020. This vision reflects the targets to reduce the environmental impact of air traffic: reducing both carbon dioxide and noise emissions by half and nitrogen oxide emissions even by 80%. Industry and university partners since then jointly defined measures to achieve these challenging goals. Many research programs were implemented funded by national and international bodies, such as the European Union within the Framework program. However, the current status still inhibits further needs to install intense research work.
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