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Experimental Investigation of an Aerodynamically Mistuned Oscillating Compressor Cascade

In this project, the effect of aerodynamic mistuning on stability of a compressor cascade is studied. The experiments have been carried out at the low-speed test facility of the Technische Universität Berlin. The test section contains a linear cascade with compressor blades that are forced to oscillate in sinusoidal pitching motion. The aerodynamic mistuning is realized by a blade-to-blade stagger angle variation, and three mistuning patterns have been investigated: one-blade mis-staggering, alternating mis-staggering, and random mis-staggering. Mis-staggering can have a stabilizing or destabilizing effect, but depends strongly on the amount of detuning that alters the flow passage. For positive stagger angle variation for the one-blade and alternating mis-staggering, the trend of the damping curve was maintained, in the sense that the unstable interblade phase angles (IBPAs) remained unstable. For negative stagger angle variation, one IBPA shifted from stable to unstable. For the random pattern, only very moderate changes are observed. The cascade stability was not noticeably affected by the aerodynamic mistuning.

Person of contact: M.Sc. Leonie Malzacher

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Experimental Investigation of an Aerodynamically Mistuned Oscillating Compressor Cascade
L. Malzacher, C. Schwarze, V. Motta, D. Peitsch
Journal of Turbomachinery, Volume 141, Issue 7, 071012 (9 pages)
July 2019
DOI: 10.1115/1.4043474

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